Arthur and Gayle Horne

Arthur and Gayle Horne

This fund is established to provide recognition for a graduate student, or students, actively enrolled in master’s, Ed.S, or doctoral programs, in the counseling program in the Department of Educational Psychology at Southern Illinois University. The Arthur M. Horne Student Award will provide funds to support the research, outreach projects, or both and will be awarded to an active graduate student or students in the Counselor Education program who are making significant contributions toward creating universally safer and more positive learning and social environments for children and adolescents.

Both Andy (Arthur) and Gayle were public school teachers and saw the impact positive learning experiences could have upon the lives of children. Those benefiting from supportive educational environments where social-emotional growth was a core component of developmental education blossomed and flourished; those who did not have such learning experiences fared much more poorly. Recognizing that healthy development is always preferred to remedial and costly therapeutic healing, a focus on positive school, community, and family environments is critical for our students, families. and the nation.

Andy and Gayle and their two children ~ were at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale – for Andy’s doctoral studies (1969-197 I), and the faculty and program provided the background, training, and opportunities, a foundation on which to build a successful and fulfilling career. Believing it is always beneficial to “pay back” to institutions for the investment and opportunities provided, Andy and Gayle determined to provide an award that would promote their values and afford support and encouragement to one or more current students. This award is given with hope and enthusiasm for ongoing positive learning experiences for Counseling students and the children and adolescents who
will benefit from the experience.

Andy completed his undergraduate degree in English Education and Journalism (1965), and then his master’s degree in counseling (1967) at the University of Florida. He completed his Ph.D. at Southern IIIinois University in 1971. Andy taught at Indiana State University from 1971 until 1989, during which time he served as a member of the faculty in the Department of Counseling and Director of Training of the APA-Accredited Counseling Psychology Program. He also was a member of the AAMFT-Accredited Marriage and Family Therapy Program. In 1984-1984 he taught with the Boston University Oversees Program in Europe. He taught many summers at other universities throughout the United States and trained with international programs in numerous countries.

In 1989 he accepted a position at the University of Georgia where he served as department head (four years) and as Director of Training of the APA-Accredited Counseling Psychology Program (eight years), as well as Coordinator of a Certificate Program in Marriage and Family Therapy (eight years). He directed the Education Policy and Evaluation Center (2006-2007) and then served as Dean of the College of Education from 2008-2012.

Andy has been active in the American Psychological Association where he is a fellow of six divisions (Counseling Psychology, Family Psychology, International Psychology, Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy, Psychology of Men, Child and Adolescent Psychology), and the American Counseling Association where he is a member of the Association for Specialists in Group Work. In ASGW, he is a fellow and is Past President, and he is the former editor of the organization’s Journal/or Specialists in Group Work. In the American Psychological Association, he is the past-president of the Division of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy and is the past President of the Society of Counseling Psychology. He has co-authored eleven books and co-edited fourteen, and has served on editorial boards of seven journals, and he is the former editor of the International Journal/or the Advancement o/Counselling.

Andy was a research investigator of grants for more than three decades, including ACT EARLY a 7-year program funded by the U.S. Department Office of Education Institute for At-Risk Children. ACT Early was developed to identify children at risk for academic, emotional, and behavioral problems and to facilitate educational prevention and early intervention programs to attempt to direct students into healthier developmental pathways. More recently, he was a principal investigator of The Multisite Violence Prevention Project GREAT Schools and Families, a program designed to reduce violence in schools, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This project provided teacher, student, and family prevention and early intervention programs developed to affect the educational ecosystem, leading to reduced bullying and aggression. Recently he has been engaged with Healthy Teens, following up students who were part of the GREAT Schools and Families Program to identify risk and resilience factors associated with school leaving, dating and partner aggression and violence, and substance abuse. The book Bully Prevention: Creating a Positive Schoo/ Climate (Orpinas & Horne, 2006), resulted from this project.

Andy conducted the Bully Busters Project more than a decade. The project resulted in working with schools in several states and a number of international settings, the publication of four books, Bully Busting: Middle Schools (Newman, Horne, and Bartolomucci, 2000, Research Press) Bully Busting: Elementary School (Horne, Bartolomucci, and Newman, 2003), and Bul~y Busting: High Schools (Horne, Nitza, Dobias, Jolliff, Raczynski, & Voors, 2012), Bully Busting Program for Families (Horne, Stoddard & Bell, 2008) as well as several research and educational publications.

Andy retired from the University of Georgia in December 2012, and has maintained engagement with the University of Georgia Safe and Welcoming Schools Program, a project developed to increase school safety and improve the quality of the school culture and climate so that schools are safe and engaging for all students. He also serves on the board of community agencies addressing the educational and environmental needs of disadvantaged youth and their families.