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Welcome to the Saluki Scholarship Portal!

Below, you will find a listing of college, school, departmental and alumni association scholarship opportunities available to students with information about the applications, deadlines, eligibility criteria, award amounts, donors, and more. Both new incoming and continuing students are eligible to apply here and encouraged to reapply every year. To apply, please Sign In at the upper right-hand corner, sign in with your Network ID. and complete the brief General Application. Based on your answers in the General Application, you may be directed to fill out supplemental applications tied to your college, school or major and more specific applications for scholarships for which you are eligible.

Incoming Students

As an incoming student, explore applying for scholarships as soon as you receive notification of acceptance from Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School and have followed the steps to claim your Network ID.
Applications for incoming students open September 6 and most have a February 1 deadline, so submit your application(s) as soon as you are admitted to SIU! Students are considered for awards on criteria that may include, but is not limited to, academic achievement, potential contributions, service and leadership, and financial need. To search for scholarships, please use these saved searches.

Continuing Students

Each Fall, please submit a new General Application, along with other supplemental applications for your college, school, major and others for which you are eligible to complete.
To be considered for the most academic college, departmental and alumni scholarship opportunities, your General Scholarship Application and all conditional applications should be submitted by February 1.

If you have questions, please contact the Academic Scholarship Office at 618-453-4628 or by email at scholarships@siu.edu.
If you have your Network ID, but are having trouble with sign in, please contact SalukiTech at 618-453-5155.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Baseball General Scholarship
Scholarship for a student-athlete in Baseball
Varies Billy Neil Carr Scholarship
*Scholarship for a recipient involved in music activities through the...
$250 Black Alumni Group (BAG) Book/Supplies Stipend
The establishment of the Book Stipend Grant offers the opportunity for...
Varies C. Richard and Cynthia A. Stockner Scholarship
*Scholarship is for a full-time SIU graduate student majoring in sociology.
Varies Carter/Kenney Scholarship
Scholarship for a junior, senior, or graduate level student majoring...
Varies Catherine McHugh Scholarship
*Scholarship is for a recipient in Music Education enrolled in the...
Varies Dr. David A. NewMyer Scholarship
*Scholarship for a student in the Aviation Management or Aviation Flight...
Varies Dr. Robert L. Weiss, Jr. Music Scholarship
*Scholarship for an undergraduate enrolled full-time in good standing...
Varies Dr. Sunil and Mrs. Rupali Sinha Scholarship
Scholarship for a student in the College of Business and Analytics...
$3,000 Eichholz Family Scholarship
Eligibility -Applicant must be enrolled or enrolling in SIUC -Applicant...
Varies Eugene T. Simonds Air Force ROTC Scholarship
Scholarship for a student who is enrolled in the Air Force ROTC...
Varies Football General Scholarship
*Scholarship fund to support student athletes in football.
$467.50 Franklin Perseverance Scholarship
*The Franklin Perseverance Scholarship will support a scholarship for an...
Varies Gene and Robbi Seibert Aviation Management Scholarship
Scholarship for a student in Aviation Management. Recipient must have...
Varies George and Barbara Beck Men's Basketball Scholarship
Scholarship is for a student athlete in Men’s Basketball
Varies George J. Priester Memorial Scholarship
The George Priester Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the...
Varies Hope and Opportunity Scholarship
*The Hope and Opportunity Scholarship is for an undergraduate student in...
Varies James and Helen Newby Scholarship
A note from Captain Newby: As a student, I attended SIUC from 1962-1966....
Varies Joseph A. Messina II Aviation Explorers Scholarship for Aviation Students
The Joseph A. Messina II Aviation Explorers Scholarship for Aviation...
Varies Kevin Duffy Moore Scholarship
Kevin Duffy Moore, a flight instructor, was a graduate of SIU’s Aviation...
Varies Larry Byerly Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by family members to honor the life and...
Varies Les Ryshkus Radio-Television Scholarship
*Scholarship for an undergraduate studying Radio-Television or a...
Varies Mark Heffington Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for a student in the School of Biological Sciences or its...
Varies Matthew M. Meier Faith Family Friendship Fortitude Future Aviation Management Scholarship
The Matthew M. Meier Faith Family Friendship Fortitude Future Aviation...
Varies Men's Basketball General Scholarship
Scholarship fund to support student athletes in men’s basketball.
Varies Patricia Gertson Dennis Media Management Award Fund
Scholarship for a recipient studying toward a career in media...
Varies Phi Sigma Beta Fraternity, Inc Scholarship
*Scholarship for an SIUC student in financial need.
Varies Poshard Foundation Scholarship
1. The Scholarship will be available to students who graduated from or...
Varies Rick Stahl Memorial Scholarship in Aviation
Scholarship for a student enrolled in the School of Aviation
Varies Saluki Media Intern Scholarship
*Scholarship for a Junior majoring in Media Production. *Recipient must...
Varies Seymour Bryson and Marjorie Bryson Resiliency Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student with senior...
Varies SIUC Minority Scholarship
*SIUC Minority Scholarship is for a full-time undergraduate student in...
Varies Support Black Undergraduate Education Endowed Scholarship
Scholarship fund established by The Black Alumni Group of the SIU Alumni...
Varies Thanu and Nongyao Kulachol Library Scholarship
Applicant must submit an essay discussing why they deserve to receive...
Varies Treash Family Men´s Golf Scholarship
Scholarship for a student-athlete in men’s golf.
Varies Walter J. Sundberg Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship is for students currently enrolled in Plant Biology.
Varies Women's Resource Center Emergency Tuition Fund
*Women’s Resource Center Emergency Fund will provide tuition assistance...
Varies Charles H. Hindersman Memorial Award
Scholarship for a junior or senior in the College of Business &...
Varies Nada Grammaticoff Scholarship
Scholarship for business majors with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.5 who are...
Varies Theta Xi Beta Delta Scholarship
The Theta Xi Beta Delta Scholarship was established by alumni of the...
$250 Extended Campus Scholarship - Spring
Recipient must be in good academic standing and have financial need. ...
$0.00 Saluki Unpaid Internship Trust (SUIT) Fund
Students interested in participating in an unpaid internship during...
$5,000 Energy Boost Scholarship
The purpose of the Energy Boost Scholarship is to increase participation...
$5,000 Energy Boost Undergraduate Scholarship for Illinois Coal Country
The purpose of the Energy Boost Undergraduate Scholarship for Illinois...
Varies Diane Kosmach/Michael J. Schumacher Montini-SIU Scholarship
The Diane Kosmach/Michael J. Schumacher Montini-SIU Scholarship was...
$1,500 Saluki Stay Scholarship
The Carbondale Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications for the...
$642.50 Summer Incentive Scholarship
The Summer Incentive Scholarship opportunity is available for the Summer...
$0.00 Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) - SIU School of Law Scholarship
The Donor wishes to support a promising student in the SIU School of...
Varies Charles M. Hudson Grant for Excellence Fund
Scholarship for an applicant enrolled at Southern Illinois University...
Varies Clemens Scholarship for Women Lawyers Fund
Scholarship for a female student enrolled at the Southern Illinois...