Jack Greer

Jack Greer

The L. D. Willey Outstanding Student Award was established to commemorate the spirit, drive, and dedication of the man whose efforts formlulated the direction and development of the Automotive Technology program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Mr. Willey was the Coordinator of the Automotive Technology program from 1953 through 1975. His persistent drive to promote the program resulted in financial support and backing from the administration of both the College and the University during the formulate years of the program. Mr. Willey also worked hard at establishing linkages with the automotive industry, which resulted in donations of vehicles, components, and technical information for instructional purposes within. The linkages with industry also resulted in employment opportunities for the graduates of the program. The results of his efforts with industry are still enjoyed today. It is because of the foundation Mr. Willey established that the program has become one of the top automotive technology programs in the nation.

The Automotive Technology faculty selects one student each year to be named as the Outstanding Automotive Student of the Year and receive the L. D. Willey Scholarship. Criteria used to determine the recipient of this award and
scholarship are:

1. Attitude toward work.
2 Ability to work with peers.
3. Motivation to achieve.
4. Enthusiasm to learn.
S. Class attendance.
6. Grade point average.
7. Senior standing