Auxilia C. Hsu Scholarship

This scholarship was created to support graduate students in the College of Arts & Media with preference given but not limited to a student with an interest in Advertising or Journalism who is also a graduate from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan. If a graduate of the National Chengchi University doesn’t qualify then a graduate from any Taiwan university may be chosen. If there is no graduate from a Taiwan university who qualifies for the scholarship, a student from mainland China may be chosen. All individuals who meet the first qualification should also be working in an Advertising or Journalism subject area for their graduate degree.

This scholarship is awarded directly through the School of Journalism. Please contact faculty in the School of Journalism directly if you’re interested in applying for this scholarship.

John C. Hsu & Jai L. Hsu
Area of Interest
College of Arts & Media, College of Arts & Media - Graduate Studies