Frederick and Ellen Chiu Scholarship

The Frederick and Ellen Chiu Scholarship was established by Fred and Ellen Chiu of Norwalk, CA. who met at Southern Illinois University through the Chinese Student Organization. Both studied accounting at SIUC. Fred came to SIUC from Hong Kong and Ellen from Shanghai. Fred is the Executive Vice President of Polar Foods, which was established in 1976. Polar has grown steadily over the years to provide retailers such as Kroger, Eckerd Drugs, Albertsons, Publix, Spartan and many more with the finest products available at a value. Fred and Ellen established his scholarship to provide support and help ease the financial burden of Chinese students at SIUC. Now, very successful, they remember how difficult it was as new student.

The Frederick and Ellen Chiu Scholarship will be open to all applicants with the following qualifications:
1. An admitted undergraduate or graduate international student to the College of Business and Analytics with preference given to a student of Chinese descent.
2. The scholarship may be renewed with application for additional semesters as long as the recipient maintains enrollment status as a student in the College of Business, and maintains good academic standing.

Mr. Frederick C. and Mrs. Ellen Chiu
Area of Interest
College of Business & Analytics