Michael R. Peters - Aviationinterviews.com Aviation Scholarship

Mike Peters, a former SIU Flight/Management student (1996-1999), established the AviationInterviews.com Scholarship in 2005 to help students in the Aviation Flight or Aviation Management Program who are struggling financially. Mike was one of those students who was held back due to the lack of financial aid, and he wanted to give back to the program that helped him succeed.

He flight instructed for four semesters while at SIU and graduated in December of 1999. After graduation he flight instructed for another six months and was hired by Continental Express (ExpressJet). He started AviationInterviews.com in an effort to share interview experiences with pilots around the world. It all started with four original members and ten interview experiences. Now the site has over 200,000+ members, 12,000+ study guide questions and 20,000+ different interview experiences! Thanks to all of the gracious members of AviationInterviews.com for donating their time and money to keep the web site running. If it were not for them, this scholarship would not be possible!

Selection Criteria:

  • Must be a student enrolled in Aviation Flight or Aviation Management Program
  • Must be a sophomore or of higher academic standing
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 CGPA on a 4.0 scale.
  • Must have completed Private Pilot License

Scholarship Application Process:

  • Submit a 250-word statement (approximately).
  • Submit copies of FAA flight certificates/ratings.
  • These items will be submitted through the School of Aviation conditional application.

Mr. Michael R. Peters
Area of Interest
College of Health and Human Sciences, School of Aviation