Collins Family Saluki Scholarship

Edward T. and Susan Collins want to expand thier support for Southern Illinois University and assist future students through this endowed scholarship fund.

As a proud alumnus, earning a B.A. in 1982 and J .D. in 1986, Edward is truly grateful for the solid education he received at SIU. Over the years, he has come to appreciate and respect the exceptional value that a successful athletics program brings to a university and how hard student athletes must work to achieve success in the classroom and on the playing field. Through this endowed scholarship fund, the Collins family intends to support and promote Saluki student athletes because of the positive publicity they bring to SIU and to reward and recognize their hard work and determination.

Through this scholarship fund, Edward and Susan are also expressing special thanks to Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk, and every one of the coaches and student athletes, because they have done such a great job advancing the cause of the University. They also express special thanks to College of Liberal Arts Dean Shirley Clay Scott and School of Law Dean Peter Alexander for their leadership. The Saluki team is really doing a remarkable job, and they thank them for giving it their best every single day and continuing to generate increasingly intense Saluki Pride across America.

Finally, this fund allows the Collins family to honor the legacy of Edward’s father (Thomas K. Collins) and mother (Mabel Collins), both of whom came to America with little formal education but created great opportunity for Edward, and his little brother (Trevor L. Collins) who always rooted for the Salukis. Each in their own way, they espoused the importance of getting a solid education, rooted for the underdog, and showed the determination of a Saluki to overcome adversity and work hard every single day to pursue the American dream.

  • Scholarship for a student athlete in the College of Liberal Arts, with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Mr. Edward T. and Mrs. Susan Collins
Area of Interest
College of Liberal Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently a student athlete?