SIU Women's Club Joyce Guyon Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

  • One scholarship will be awarded each year to a non-traditional undergraduate female student. Eligible applicants must be an on-campus student at SIU, classified as a junior or senior and have at least a 3.0 (A=4.0) cumulative GPA. Preference will be given to those who have completed a minimum of 86 credit hours by the end of the spring semester. A minimum of 24 credits must have been earned at SIU. A non-traditional student is one whose college education has been interrupted (e.g., by military service, marriage, having a child(ren), changing careers, etc.).
  • Selection is based on academic achievement, career goals and aspirations, leadership experience, references, and financial need. Students must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program and must complete at least one semester during the following academic year to receive the award.
  • Submission of an essay and two letters of recommendation are required to apply for this scholarship.
    Please note that references must be submitted by the application deadline.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Non-Traditional Student
    • Are you a non-traditional student?
    • If you answered yes or unsure, please explain how you qualify as a non-traditional.
  2. Please submit an essay explaining your academic achievement, leadership experience, financial need, college goals, and career aspirations. How do you expect to achieve those aspirations by earning a degree at SIU Carbondale?
  3. This application requires two letters of reference. Please list the names and email addresses of two people who have agreed to write a reference letter for you. Information will be emailed to the references, allowing them to upload your letter of reference. Please note that references must be submitted by the application deadline.
    • Letter of Recommendation #1
    • Letter of Recommendation #2