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Incoming Fall 2024 students must be admitted to SIU and have a claimed Network ID to sign in and apply or you will not be matched to scholarships. Please read instructions below thoroughly.

Below, you will find a listing of college, school, departmental and alumni association scholarship opportunities available to students with information about the applications, deadlines, eligibility criteria, award amounts, donors, and more. Both new incoming and continuing students are eligible to apply here and encouraged to reapply every year. To apply, please Sign In at the upper right-hand corner, sign in with your Network ID. and complete the brief General Application. Based on your answers in the General Application, you may be directed to fill out supplemental applications tied to your college, school or major and more specific applications for scholarships for which you are eligible.

Incoming Students

Deadline extended to April 1 due to delay in FAFSA
As an incoming student, explore applying for scholarships as soon as you receive notification of acceptance from Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School and have followed the steps to claim your Network ID.
Applications for incoming students open September 12 and most have a April 1 deadline, so submit your application(s) as soon as you are admitted to SIU! Students are considered for awards on criteria that may include, but is not limited to, academic achievement, potential contributions, service and leadership, and financial need. To search for scholarships, please use these saved searches.

Continuing Students

Each Fall, please submit a new General Application, along with other supplemental applications for your college, school, major and others for which you are eligible to complete.
To be considered for the most academic college, departmental and alumni scholarship opportunities, your General Scholarship Application and all conditional applications should be submitted by April 1*
Deadline extended to April 1 this year due to delay in FAFSA

If you have questions, please contact the Academic Scholarship Office at 618-453-4628 or by email at scholarships@siu.edu.
If you have your Network ID, but are having trouble with sign in, please contact SalukiTech at 618-453-5155.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Hanzlik Family Graduate Fellowship
Summer support for a graduate student in the School of Chemical and...
Varies Billie Wills Award in Agribusiness Economics
Scholarship for an incoming freshman studying agribusiness...
Varies Chad A. Rubin, M.D., FACS Microbiology Endowed Scholarship
Recipient must be an Undergraduate or Graduate student majoring in...
Varies Faculty Scholarship in Microbiology
Awarded to a student majoring in microbiology, in good academic...
Varies Maurice Ogur Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for an undergraduate student in Microbiology
Varies Microbiology Scholarship
Scholarship for a full-time current student in Microbiology.
Varies Microbiology Student Leadership Award
Scholarship for a student majoring in microbiology who has been active...
Varies Aldo Migone, Morteza Daneshdoost, Marvin Zeman Scholarship
Scholarship for a current Graduate Assistant in the Department of...
Varies Aude-Reid Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to student majoring in agribusiness economics,...
Varies Basanta-Wells Agricultural Sciences Scholarship
Recipient must be majoring in Agribusiness Economics; Agricultural...
Varies Benton K. Berry Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for outstanding undergraduate students majoring in Physics.
Varies Block & Bridle Alumni Association Outstanding Member Award
Awarded to an outstanding member of the Block & Bridle RSO.
Varies Bob G. & Mary Beth Gower Scholarship
The Bob G. & Mary Beth Gower Scholarship is awarded for summer...
Varies Bonnie M. Koblitz Scholarship for Plant Biology
Scholarship for a student with demonstrated financial need majoring in...
Varies C. David Schmulbach Fellowship
The C. David Schmulbach Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding graduate...
Varies CALPS FFA Officer Recruitment Scholarship
Scholarship for new SIU students who are State and/or Section FFA...
Varies Carl A. and Janet S. Jennings Scholarship
Scholarship for students majoring in the sciences with demonstrated...
Varies Charles and Florence Foote Teaching Award in Zoology
Scholarship for a graduate teaching assistant in Zoology for...
Varies Charles Foote Achievement Award in Zoology
Scholarship for a junior or senior majoring in Zoology.
Varies College of Agricultural Sciences Leadership Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to student: 1) major declared in the School of...
Varies College of Agricultural, Life, and Physical Sciences (CALPS) Recruitment Scholarship
Scholarship for a new incoming student to the College of Agricultural,...
Varies College of Agriculture Class of '59 Inaugural Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to students in Agricultural Sciences based on...
Varies Compeer Financial Scholarship
1. Recipient must have a major in one of the following: Agribusiness...
varies ConAgra Employee Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to a student: 1) majoring in the School of...
Varies Daisy Marks Scholarship in Agribusiness Economics
Scholarship for a transfer student from an Illinois junior college who...
Varies David E. Christensen Award for Undergraduate Research in Sustainable Environmental Studies
Scholarship for a full-time undergraduate student in Geography and...
Varies David McKay Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to a School of Agriculture Sciences student with 24...
Varies Dean Keepper Heritage Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to students in Agricultural Sciences and based on...
Varies Delyte W. Morris Scholarship - Agriculture, Life, & Physical Sciences
Must be a graduating senior in the College of Agricultural, Life, &...
Varies Donald M. Elkins Agbassador Scholarship
Recipient will be an outstanding student in the School of Agriculture...
Varies Dr. & Mrs. Carl McDowell Case and Mr. & Mrs. Victor LeGout Scholarship
The Dr. & Mrs. Carl McDowell Case and Mr. & Mrs. Victor LeGout...
Varies Dr. Fred W. & Mrs. Eunice W. Banes Department of Chemistry Scholarship
Scholarship for a chemistry major with demonstrated financial need, as...
Varies Dr. John Wettaw Scholarship
Awarded to a Chemistry major with junior status. Preference may be...
Varies DuWayne C. Englert Scholarship
The DuWayne C. Englert Scholarship is given to a Biological Sciences...
Varies Dwight Singleton Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for a student in geography and environmental resources...
Varies Edwin C. Galbreath Memorial Award in Biological Sciences
Edwin C. Galbreath Memorial Award – to be presented to the graduate...
Varies Elbert H. Hadley Award in Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Elbert H. Hadley Award in Chemistry and Biochemistry support...
Varies Eugene S. Wood Agricultural Education Award
Scholarship awarded to a senior majoring in Agricultural Systems and...
Varies Farm Credit Services Agriculture Finance Scholarship
Farm Credit Services Agriculture Finance Endowed Scholarship will issue...
Varies FFA Officer Scholarship
Recipient must be a member of an FFA chapter located in...
Varies Gary L. and Roberta M. Minish Scholarship
#Major declared in the School of Agricultural Sciences. #Demonstrated...
Varies Geography Outstanding Junior Award
Scholarship for a junior majoring in Geography & Environmental...
Varies Geography Outstanding Senior Award
Scholarship for a senior majoring in Geography & Environmental...
Varies George A. Desborough Scholarship in Geology
Scholarship for a student in geology who demonstrates financial need.
Varies George Delaney Scholarship
Scholarship awarded as follows: 1) Recipient(s) must have a declared...
Varies George Garoian Zoology Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship for a junior or senior in Zoology with a minimum GPA of ...
Varies George H. Fraunfelter Geology Award
Established in 1991 to honor the retirement of Dr. George Fraunfelter,...
Varies George R. Jensen Scholarship
This George R. Jensen Scholarship was established by George R. Jensen, a...
Varies Hal Stone Memorial Chemistry Scholarship
The Hal Stone Memorial Chemistry Scholarship is awarded to an...
Varies Harold & Nora Kuehn Scholarship
Scholarships awarded to students in Crop, Soil, and Environmental...