Arthur M. Horne Student Award

Award will be given to a student actively enrolled in Master’s, Ed.S, or doctoral programs, in the counseling program in Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education at Southern Illinois University. Selection is based upon the student(s) making a significant contribution to promote healthy child and adolescent academic, emotional, and behavioral development by focusing on preventive and early intervention methods for creating positive social climates and healthy school and family environments for all students.

It is anticipated that students will engage in efforts that address the necessities of the neediest students in the community. Thus, while not a criterion for selection, preference should be given to students who work in schools, communities, or neighborhoods that are financially distressed, or using the federal guidelines, schools that meet the Title I definition.

Additional selection information: The award is to recognize and encourage counseling students who promote “Safe and Welcoming Public Schools, Communities, and Families” and advance the application of methods and approaches that promote healthy social, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development. The goal is for a student, or students, to exert an emphasis on enhancing child and adolescent relationships that are manifested by respect and dignity for all people; activities that promote healthy respect for diversity, and that advocate for social justice for all people.

Arthur and Gayle Horne
Area of Interest
School of Education, Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education