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Incoming Fall 2024 students must be admitted to SIU and have a claimed Network ID to sign in and apply or you will not be matched to scholarships. Please read instructions below thoroughly.

Below, you will find a listing of college, school, departmental and alumni association scholarship opportunities available to students with information about the applications, deadlines, eligibility criteria, award amounts, donors, and more. Both new incoming and continuing students are eligible to apply here and encouraged to reapply every year. To apply, please Sign In at the upper right-hand corner, sign in with your Network ID. and complete the brief General Application. Based on your answers in the General Application, you may be directed to fill out supplemental applications tied to your college, school or major and more specific applications for scholarships for which you are eligible.

Incoming Students

Deadline extended to April 1 due to delay in FAFSA
As an incoming student, explore applying for scholarships as soon as you receive notification of acceptance from Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School and have followed the steps to claim your Network ID.
Applications for incoming students open September 12 and most have a April 1 deadline, so submit your application(s) as soon as you are admitted to SIU! Students are considered for awards on criteria that may include, but is not limited to, academic achievement, potential contributions, service and leadership, and financial need. To search for scholarships, please use these saved searches.

Continuing Students

Each Fall, please submit a new General Application, along with other supplemental applications for your college, school, major and others for which you are eligible to complete.
To be considered for the most academic college, departmental and alumni scholarship opportunities, your General Scholarship Application and all conditional applications should be submitted by April 1*
Deadline extended to April 1 this year due to delay in FAFSA

If you have questions, please contact the Academic Scholarship Office at 618-453-4628 or by email at scholarships@siu.edu.
If you have your Network ID, but are having trouble with sign in, please contact SalukiTech at 618-453-5155.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Student Speakers Forum - Selected Presenter Award
The mission of Society for Civil Discourse (SCD) is to promote the oral...
Varies E. Claude Coleman-Plan “A”- James Robert Sanders Scholarship
Scholarship for an English student who has received a grade of B or...
Varies Anne West English Scholarship
Scholarships shall be awarded to needy students of high scholastic...
Varies Anthropology Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship for senior studying anthropology.
Varies Betty and John McDaniels Scholarship
Scholarship for undergraduate students majoring in English who have...
Varies Betty Fladeland Award
Recipient must have a major or minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality...
Varies Camille Hickman Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Camille Joan Hickman, a...
Varies College of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship for undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts.
Varies Communication Studies Scholarship
Scholarship for a student with a Communication Studies major OR...
Varies David A. Baer, Cheryl A. Walker Baer, and Naomi D. Baer Endowed Scholarship in Sociology
The Baer Endowed Scholarship in Sociology is awarded to students...
Varies David P. Werlich Graduate Scholarship
Scholarship for a graduate student in History with a concentration in...
Varies Deb Morrow Graduate Scholarship
Awarded to a female student with involvement with women’s issues or...
Varies Delyte W. Morris Scholarship - Liberal Arts
Must be a graduating senior in the College of Liberal Arts who displays...
Varies Department of Linguistics - Best Research Project Award
Recipient will be chosen from research project completions in the...
Varies Department of Linguistics - de Saussure Award
The DeSaussure Award is for best linguistics student below senior status.
Varies Department of Linguistics - Linguistics Alumni Award
The Linguistics Alumni Award is for best linguistics student with senior...
Varies Dr. Albert J. Weitz Scholarship
Recipient must be a communication studies major with demonstrated...
$500.00 Dr. Robert B. Partlow, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Fund
Preference shall be given to a student who is a graduate student in the...
Varies Dr. Willie Pearson, Jr. Academic Excellence in Sociology Award
The Dr. Willie Pearson, Jr. Academic Excellence in Sociology Award is...
Varies Edward J. O'Day History Research Award
Scholarship for an undergraduate student with an outstanding paper on...
Varies Elizabeth Eames Women's Studies Graduate Scholarship
Awarded to a masters or PhD student(s) for the preparation of a masters...
Varies Elizabeth Lance Toth Public Relations Student Award
Scholarship for an outstanding senior in Communication Studies, who is...
Varies Eugene F. Timpe Award
The Eugene F. Tempe Fund provides support for Foreign Language and...
Varies Excellence in Anthropology Awards
Various Excellence in Anthropology awards, determined annually by...
Varies Ford and Allen Predoctoral Research Award in Anthropology
Dr. Susan Ford served as the Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for...
Varies Gwendolyn Conrad and Isaac Parsons Brackett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gwendolyn Conrad Brackett taught French classes at SIU and its...
Varies Helmut and Mary Liedloff Fund in German
The Helmut and Mary Liedloff Fund in German is to encourage and preserve...
Varies History Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Scholarship award for an outstanding graduate teaching assistant in the...
Varies J. Mark Wehrle Dissertation Scholarship in Sociology
The J. Mark Wehrle Dissertation Scholarship in Sociology is awarded...
Varies James Benziger Scholarship
The James Benziger Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to honor the...
Varies James R. and Joan Lisante Hood Scholarship in Creative Nonfiction
1. Recipient must be an undergraduate English major or graduate student...
Varies Janice Jacobs Scholarship in Foreign Language
Recipient must be an undergraduate student in the Department of...
$5,000 Jerome M. Mileur Scholarship
The Jerome M. Mileur Scholarship was established through the future...
Varies John Leason Scholarship
Scholarship for a student majoring in History or History...
Varies John S. and Nancy Jackson Scholarship
The student(s) awarded this scholarship shall have demonstrated...
Varies John T. Warren Memorial Scholarship
Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a major...
Varies Kent Haruf Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student in...
Varies Linguistics Scholarship
Scholarship for students majoring in linguistics.
Varies Louis and Monica Petroff Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is open to outstanding English and Sociology...
Varies Majid Abbass Award
Awardee to be selected from five senior-level students majoring in...
Varies Margaret Griffin Scholarship
Scholarship for a junior or senior majoring one of the Humanities...
Varies Marie-Jose Southworth Memorial Award Fund
This scholarship is available to students studying Foreign Languages and...
Varies Marvin D. Kleinau Undergraduate Scholarship
Recipient must have a declared major in Communication...
$1,000 Mary C. Castle History Scholarship
Scholarship for a 3rd-year student majoring in history, with a minimum...
Varies Mary Eleanor Buschek Award for Foreign Languages and Literature Study
The Mary Eleanor Buschek Award for Foreign Languages and Literature...
Varies Mary Eleanor Buschek Travel Award for Foreign Language Study
This scholarship provides support to students for travel study programs...
Varies Norman Caldwell and James R. Sanders Scholarship
The Norman Caldwell and James R. Sanders Scholarship was established by...
Varies Orville Alexander Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Political Science
Scholarships for students in political science.
Varies Patricia Pace Memorial Scholarship
The Patricia Pace Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of...
Varies Paul A. Schilpp Scholarship in Philosophy
An outstanding graduate student studying Philosophy is eligible for this...